Good news | Bohigh Zinc Product Co., Ltd. obtained AEO Certificate from Pingxiang customs

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AEO Advanced certification awarding ceremony

Awarding Ceremony of AEO Certification
In other words, AEO means "Authorized Economic Operator".
It is recognized by customs of many countries in the world with the highest credit rating enterprise.

After rounds of evaluation and strict assessment, Bohigh passed the assessment successfully. Pingxiang Customs issued AEO Certificate to Bohigh on May 11, 2023.

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Zhu Changqing, Director of Pingxiang Customs, congratulated BOHIGH to get AEO certificate. He said Bohigh can get AEO is because of the comprehensive strength and high-quality development, and hope to take this certification as an opportunity to make continuous efforts and strive for greater achievements.

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In the past export business, whether in inspection or AEO certification, Pingxiang Customs always worked professionally and efficiently. They guaranteed Bohigh a safety and fast inspection before the cargo leave our factory.
Our products are exported to 63 countries, which is not only accelerates the development process of Bohigh becoming a global invisible champion, but also enhances the global brand image of our products.
High gold content means high standards. With steady progress and diligent internal practice, Bohigh will make advantage of the Green Pass of AEO certification, actively explore the international market, enhance product competitiveness, further improve and strengthen the international market, establish industry benchmarks, and give customers a more powerful guarantee.

Post time: Jul-11-2023
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