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Bohigh Zinc Product Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Bohigh specializes in industrial solid waste management and the harnessing of renewable resources. We are also at the forefront of producing and distributing Zinc nutrient products. As a multifaceted environmental protection enterprise, Bohigh is carving a niche in sustainable and innovative solutions. Bohigh envisions a path that "Make lives more exuberant, make life more beautiful". We leverage cutting-edge technologies to harness the full potential of mineral resources, enhancing well-being and human health. In our pursuit, we champion the harmonious coexistence of humanity and the natural world.

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Bohigh seamlessly integrates environmental preservation, resource utilization, agricultural advancement, and human health. By processing solid waste from metallurgical procedures, we not only mitigate environmental harm but also extract precious rare metals, fostering resource rejuvenation. Our practices align with the government's advocacy for environmental stewardship and a circular economy. Our flagship product, zinc sulphate, enriches both livestock and crops with essential zinc, amplifying production value and contributing significantly to human health.


Through visionary leadership, the adoption of evolving technologies, and strategic mergers and acquisitions, Bohigh experienced swift growth. In under eight years, the group established production facilities across the nation in locations such as Pingxiang, Zhuzhou, Yueyang, and Chifeng, among others. The group now runs six wholly-owned companies and subsidiaries, employing a workforce of nearly a thousand.

Date of establishment

Owning numerous intellectual property rights, qualification certifications, and 40 distinct patents, Bohigh has been recognized as an innovation-driven enterprise by the local government. The company's international trade has consistently topped the rankings in Pingxiang city for several successive years. As one of the most significant contributors to the local tax revenue, Bohigh holds an 'A' tax rating and a 3A bank credit standing.

The company was successfully listed on the New Third Board in January 2016, becoming one of the largest shareholders in the zinc nutrition industry. In terms of market value, Bohigh Zinc Product Co., Ltd. ranks among the top 100 new Third Board enterprises in Jiangxi Province, undoubtedly one of the top companies that have the most investment value among the province.

Zinc is an essential micronutrient for the growth of crops. About ⅓ of the world's soil suffers a zinc deficiency problem. Food security is fundamental to a nation's overall human welfare and standard of living. As a member of the International Zinc Association and a cooperative demonstration unit of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, Bohigh's zinc fertilizer demonstration and promotion scope covers 24 provinces across the country such as Heilongjiang, JIlin, Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Anhui etc. By supplementing the soil with zinc, the yield of crops is greatly increased by 10 to 20 percent. The zinc levels in the crops have been enhanced, significantly benefiting consumer health.


In both products and manufacturing procedures, the company prioritizes environmental protection and innovative processes. Within the metallurgical resources sector, Bohigh pioneered the successful recycling of high-value metals like potassium, sodium, Iodine, rubidium and cesium ,achieving true resource regeneration. Implementing the waste heat recovery system has conserved thousands of tons of coal, diminishing our carbon footprint. On the other hand Bohigh uses its own exclusively developed four-staged vapourization and Potassium-sodium separation technology to ensure the extraction of the metal resources from solid waste.


Bohigh's cutting-edge production methods, equipment, and technology lay the foundation for energy conservation, environmental sustainability, and heightened efficiency in both construction and manufacturing. Authenticated by ISO14000, ISO9001 and EU FAMI-QS, Bohigh has become a well-known brand and has garnered the trust of clients both domestically and internationally due to its high product quality.

As China's top producer and exporter of zinc nutrients, Bohigh has carved a dominant position in the zinc nutrition sector. Its flagship product, zinc sulfate, boasts an annual production capability of 1,200,000 tons and graces markets in over 60 countries. Our clientele includes esteemed names from the Fortune Global 500 and other globally recognized corporations. Together, we extend top-tier services to over 700 clients across the globe.

For four years running, Bohigh has been recognized as a premier international fertilizer provider. Its foreign trade exports have consistently topped the charts in Pingxiang for numerous years. The company contributes to 5% of the nation's indium production. In 2021, its zinc sulfate sales constituted 12% of the global market and a significant 20% of domestic transactions.


Bohigh's business

Bohigh's operating philosophy centers on two main principles: First, we embrace long-term thinking, focusing on our core business with dedication and perseverance. This approach allows us to befriend time, and our vision is to emerge as the global leader of this industry in the 21st century. Second, we uphold altruism, aiming to benefit society. By creating value for our customers, ensuring welfare for our employees, and generating revenue for the government, we gain their support. Only then can our investors receive worthwhile returns and our company will see growth. In the future, Bohigh Group will rely on strong technical support, modern management concepts, an excellent management team, and sustained high-quality development to provide customers with better products and services. The company aims to achieve a 20% market share globally and become the invisible champion of the industry in the 21st century.

Leveraging robust technical support, contemporary management philosophies, and an exceptional management team, the group is committed to continuous growth. We aim to provide our customers with even higher caliber products and services. Our operational goal is to capture 20% of the global market share, and in doing so, fulfill our vision of becoming the undisputed hidden champion in our field.